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Getting There

Getting to Kids' Night in New York City is easy! Use the map below for interactive directions, get information on public transportation options below.

Mass Transit

New York's Theatre District is easily accessible by mass transit.

Subways that serve the area include:
A - 42nd St. (8th Ave.)
B/D - Seventh Ave. (53rd St.)
C - 42nd St. (8th Ave.); 50th St. (8th Ave.)
E - 42nd St. (8th Ave.); 50th St. (8th Ave.); Seventh Ave. (53rd St.)
N/Q/R - 42nd St./Times Square; 49th St. (7th Ave.)
1 - 42nd St./Times Square; 50th St. (Broadway)
2/3/7 - 42nd St./Times Square
S Times Square Shuttle - 42nd St./Times Square

Buses include M7, M20, M104, M42, M50, and M104.

For more info, visit the Metropolitan Transit Authority website.


If You Drive


A note about parking: On special event evenings including Kids’ Night on Broadway, parking in the Theatre District may be in high demand, and wait times to retrieve your vehicle may be a little longer than usual.




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